Shibarium Technology Sees Rapid Growth: 100,000 Wallets Reached!

• Shibarium is the layer-2 technology of Shiba Inu that has seen significant growth and adoption in just a few days.
• The blockchain explorer for Shibarium, Puppynet, has reached the milestone of 100,000 wallets.
• There have been 195,377 transactions and 156,513 blocks with a 5 second block time.

Shibarium Technology Gains Adoption

The testnet for layer-2 technology of Shiba Inu, known as Shibarium, has seen tremendous growth and adoption by the community in just a few days. SHIB influencer Lucie recently tweeted about the important milestone of 100,000 wallets on Puppynet, which is the beta network for Shibarium. Blockchain explorer can be used to track this progress.

Chain ID Change Affects Growth

Plagiarism allegations had led developers to change the chain ID from 917 to 719 when they relaunched the testnet on March 24th. As a result, all statistics were reset but this did not stop rapid growth in both transaction volume and number of wallets created over the last few days. On launch day there were only 713 transactions but this increased to 41,688 transactions on March 27th and 144,458 transactions on March 28th before dropping suddenly yesterday to 3118 transactions – despite Wallet numbers still continuing to rise up to 101139 at press time.

Noteworthy Advances

Shytoshi Kusama (Chief Developer) revealed that 500 validators are already participating in staking SHIB tokens which unlocks various benefits such as lower gas fees for users as well as additional income from fees generated by validating blocks. Furthermore other projects based on Shiba Inu have also taken off – displaying how resilient it is despite any rumors or issues surrounding its development team or plagiarism allegations .

Community Reaction

The Shiba Inu community has responded positively to these advances with many voicing their support through Twitter and Discord channels; praising its rapid growth since relaunch as well as its resilience against any negative factors affecting its development or reputation alike.


It appears that Shibarium’s new testnet is proving very successful despite recent issues regarding plagiarism allegations affecting its data or code base in some way – showing remarkable resilience against these factors while still managing to grow rapidly since launch with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!