The best intervention is prevention

In Austria, approximately every fifth child under six years of age is overweight, and half of them are classified as obese. Contradictory to the common assumtion that the so called "puppy fat" of babies and toddlers will melt away, it seldom totally disappears. Lending some thruth to the slogan "heute drollig, morgen mollig" (today cute, tomorrow chubby), most overweight children become overweight adolescents and adults.

"SALTO - let's move together" - focuses exactly on this fact. This initiative for kindergartens seeks to encourage both healthier eating habits and more physical activity. It desires to contribute to an increase in the number of children who enter school at a healthy weight.

Find out here how overweight can be identified.

Also, you can find more information in our video (in German language):


Mag.a Martina Berthold MBA
Regional Minister for Education, Health, Children, Family, Women 

"The increase of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents has become a substantial task of health policy. Early peventative measures are needed, in our kindergartens and care facilities, as well as other institutions. This need is not solely because therapies are lacking or often do not show the desired results. It is more about sustaining children's joy in physical activity and healthy food, as well as supporting kindergarten teachers and parents in their educational tasks. With this in mind, I am grateful for SALTO's role and commitment in making the children of Salzburg healthier."