Let's move together

Our objectives are...

... to reduce sedentary time to a minimum.
... to improve the motor skills and fitness levels of children.
... to make vegetables attractive to more children.
... to make water as a drink the natural choice. 

Finally to increase the number of children entering school with a healthy weight.

What is important to us...

...Plan together - together with the project team, parents and kindergarten teachers, define and shape the project's scope.

...No one is alone - during the implementation phase, the SALTO-Team accompanies the children, parents and kindergarten teachers.

...No child is left behind - we want to include as many children as is possible within the project's scope, in particular those kindergartens that have to deal with unfavourable framework conditions.


Did you know...

...that children seldom outgrow "puppy fat"? Most overweight children also become overweight adolescents and adults.

...many kindergartens already implement healthy nutrition and physical activity at their institutions? Precisely because of this fact they are the ideal partners for SALTO.

...that children often model themselves on parents regarding nutrition and physical activity? This is why SALTO is also particularly addressing parents.

... that already every second to third child is overweight? Consequently, it is about time to counteract this trend with SALTO.