A detailed programme will follow shortly. The invitation can be downloaded here. 


Wednesday, 26.Sept.2018


  Press Conference  
  Pioneers of Health Promotion for pre-schoolers in Salzburg  
  Welcome Reception  




Thursday, 27.Sept.2018


Key note 1 Health Policy for Prevention of Childhood Obesity Juana Willumsen, Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases, WHO
Session 1 Policy-Making in Public Health  
Session 2 Behaviour Change - Effects of Health Promotion Targeting Children in Kindergarten Age  
Key note 2 Facilitators and Barriers for a Healthy Lifestyle in Early Childhood Berthold Koletzko, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Tigerkids & Toybox, Germany



Friday, 28.Sept.2018


Session 3 Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Activity as Determinants of Childhood Obesity  
Session 4 Core Settings of Childhood Obesity Prevention  
Key note 3 Implications for Childhood Obesity Prevention Today Ulla Frantti-Malinen, "Lihavuus laskuun" (Overcoming Obesity), Seinäjoki, Finland