The invitation can be downloaded here. 

Wednesday, 26.Sept.2018


18:00-20:00                                   Pioneers of Health Promotion for pre-schoolers in Salzburg (Language: German)
Chair: Andreas Paschon
20:00-22:00   Welcome Reception                                          


Thursday, 27.Sept.2018


10:00-10:45 Opening Ceremony  
10:45-11:30 Key Note 1 Health Policy for Prevention of Childhood Obesity Juana Willumsen
Chair: Karin Schindler
11:45-13:30 Session 1    Policy-Making in Public Health Chair: Juana Willumsen; Karin Schindler
COSI - The Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative Jo Jewell
Health Enhancing Physical Activity Policies in Europe Susi Kriemler-Wiget
NAP.b - The Austrian Physical Activity Action Plan Christian Halbwachs


14:30-16:15 Session 2    Behaviour Change - Effects of Health Promotion Kindergarten Chair: Kurt Widhalm; Bianca Fuchs-Neuhold
Health Literacy in Children Rosemarie Felder-Puig
ToyBox-Study: a Kindergarten-based, Family involved Intervention for the Prevention of Obesity in Preschool Age Children Yannis Manios
Childhood Obesity Prevention: How to Build Evidence? Peter Bergsten
16:30-17:15 Key Note 2 Implications for Childhood Obesity Prevention Today Ulla Frantti-Malinen
Chair: Peter Bergsten


Friday, 28.Sept.2018



09:00-11:15 Session 3     Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Activity as Determinants of Childhood Obesity Chair: Hermann Schwameder; Matthias Wagner
Joint loading of obese children and adolescents in activities of daily living Gerda Strutzenberger
Muscle Strength and Fitness in Obese Children David Thivel
Fundamental Movement Skills: A Model for Early Childhood Thomas Freudenthaler
Environmental Theory and Motor Development Matthias Wagner
11:30-13:15 Session 4    Core Settings of Childhood Obesity Prevention Chair: Yannis Manios; Susanne Ring-Dimitriou
JOGG - A Community Wide Weight Promotion Program Tommy Visscher
Kita Coaches in Health Promotion Mirko Eichner
The Prevention Chain Concept Regine Rehaag


13:45-14:30 Key Note 3 Facilitators and Barriers for a Healthy Lifestyle in Early Childhood Berthold Koletzko
Chair: Daniel Weghuber
14:30-15:15 Mission Statement and Closing Ceremony Daniel Weghuber