The Project in Detail

For SALTO it is particularly important to work together with kindergartens and parents considering their individual needs. Therefore there is no rigid process which needs to be followed but rather a few key points. The specific approach is decided on together with all parties involved.

SALTO offers the following to the kindergartens:

  • development of competences through coaching for kindergarten teachers and parents (SALTO team consisting of phychologists, sport scientists, nutritionists and educational scientists)
  • developing and implementing intervention actions (depending on the needs of the kindergarten)
  • exemplary units at the institution (in a team or individuals)
  • ready-made lessons and preparation of topics (drafting materials for various topics)
  • developing and conducting events together (making contact with stakeholders, preparation of topics)
  • organisation and conducting evaluation (accompanying research to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions in order to optimise work at kindergartens)
All actions should support the work of kindergarten teachers and should not be a burden.