"Strengthening ressources, minimizing barriers" - Module for Kindergarten Teachers

The first six month are used to get to know each other: Through various activities the kindergarten learns how SALTO works and develops a keen and searching eye for obesity related topics. Together we also find out where the kindergartens strenghts and weaknesses are. Building on this a workshop follows where we define a topic on which we are going to work together for the next six month. All measures will be implemented in the daily routines of the kindergarten. The SALTO team supports with tipps and tricks as well as tailormade material.


„Parents with Parents" – Module for Parents

Besides commited kindergarten teams we are also looking for commited parents for SALTO: We want to find "SALTO-parents" for every kindergarten who would like to be the mouthpiece between parents, kindergarten teachers and the SALTO-team. Only if we work together it is possible to offer children a healthenhancing environment.

Also the SALTO-Team is organising so-called "Take-Home-Activities" which also give parents with less time the opportunity to participate with their child. "Take-Home-Activities" are activities which are shared via e-mail and the kindergarten and which can easily done in the daily life.

Of course also the parents are constantly supported by the project team. 


And also...

Additionally we create awareness for SALTO topics at community level to shape the framework conditions. A possible goal could be a safe walking path to the kindergarten but also involving local sport associations or shops for healthier offers. Social Norms Marketing also promotes healthy behaviour.

» Details

Behaviour of children is strongly influenced by their surrounding, precisely their families and the kindergarten. Therefore all interventions focus on these target groups:

• Module for kindergarten teachers
• Module for parents