Interested? This is how it works:

For Kindergartens

For Parents

1. Contact us at 0664-88663189 or and get further information on the initiative.

2. In the best case you can already convince your colleagues or even the whole kindergarten to participate - together it is easier to put the project into practice. If you already know that also parents are interested - even better.

2. Talk to your child's kindergarten teachers and other parents and tell them about the project - only together (at least one group) it is sensible to participate.

3. We also come to visit your kindergarten and present the project and convince the team.

4. Kindergarten's official commitment to participate in the project.

5. The SALTO-Team and the kindergarten start off with a short workshop to get to know each other. In a next step basic data of children and adults are collected (of course only with the parents' consent and in a playful and empathetic way).

6.  6 months of intoductory phase where we get to know each other better and develop a fruitful way to work together:

-first coachings
-collecting ideas
-getting to know the kindergarten's routines... 

6.  6 months of introductory phase where first interventions are happening at the kindergarten.

If you are interested to share your oppinions and experience regarding SALTO topics we are looking forward to discuss them with you in our idea exchange session.

7. Impelementation in day-to-day-life with support and ongoing guidance through our project team.