Children develop very differently (growth, skills,...). Does SALTO pay attention to this?

All measures to promote healthy physical activity and nutrition behaviour are designed appropriately for children and mental and physical characteristics in the development are taken into consideration.

I am worried that my/a child could be stigmatised because of its weight/skills if the project is implemented. Is this possible? 

SALTO and its team of specialists in the field of obesity research takes care that this does not happen and stigmatisation is prevented. We have signed off on the principle of "Health@any Size". All measures are implemented salutogenically (strenghtening ressources) having the motto "no child is left behind". SALTO informs about the "healthy obese", meaning that children with health enhancing behaviour build up safety factors and have despite their overweight a lower risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases compared to children with unfavourable lifestyles.

What is the benefit of the evaluation for my child?

The evaluation on one hand is used to adapt the measures to the individual needs of the kindergarten and on the other hand to evaluate their effectiveness. This means that the analysis is mainly done for the whole kindergarten but of course every single child benefits from the drawn conclusions. Promoting development of individuals based on the test-results is not planned.

Is my child automatically evaluated if the kindergarten participates?

No. The child is only evaluated if you give your writen consent.

My child is already five years old and will leave the kindergarten soon; is it still practical to test my child? 

Yes, because we not only conduct a longitudinal study but also a cross-sectional study. This means that we on one hand can accompany younger children over a few years and on the other hand can compare age groups with each other. (e.g. differences in activity preferences of 5-year-olds in 2015 and 2018; differences in motor skills or nutrition preferences between 4- and 5-year-old boys and girls) 

Do we as parents get feedback from the evaluation?

Of course you have the right to know the results. We offer them on request, although a detailed analysis is only done for the kindergarten. 

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