What are the costs?  

Participation for kindergartens and parents is for free and is financed through project sponsoring and public funding. Kindergarten teachers should only make some time available to participate in workshops and coachings and be willing to implement the project's topics in their day-to-day life at the kindergarten.

Who can (not) participate?

All child care facilities and their parents with children aged 3-6 years in the federal state of Salzburg can participate. At this moment we cannot include facilities for exclusively younger children as well as parents with children who don't visit a child care facility.

Is it possible for a school or after-school care center to participate?

At the moment SALTO focuses on children aged 3-6 years. Thus we cannot include schools or after-school care centers. If older or younger children are also in the same facility, they of course can benefit indirectly from the project. 

Is there a minimum number of participants for the parents module or the evaluation for the project to take place? 

Prerequisite for the participation is that the whole kindergarten team is on bord. There is no minimum number of participants for parents and children although a high participation rate is of course important for the success and the evaluation. 

When is it possible for a kindergarten to begin with SALTO? Is it possible to participate next year?

Kindergartens can start with SALTO any time and also during the year. If you are interested but do not have the ressources at the moment it is also possible to start later but as the project only runs until 2018 latest starting date is February 2017. Please contact us either way so that we are able to plan ahead. Also we are always looking for control groups, meaning kindergartens where we can collect data without participating in the project, to be able to compare the data and to verify the effectiveness of the measures.

Is it possible that a SALTO team member comes to present the project to the whole kindergarten team?

Yes, this is possible. Please make sure that the team wants to participate in principle. If this is the case we are happy to visit you and your team to present SALTO and settle questions.

How can overtime work be compensated?

The SALTO workshop is  acknowledged as further education by Zekip. Since few hours may incur during leasure time it is also possible to find an agreement with the municipality or owner. Normally they are cooperative and SALTO also offers support here. 

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