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Take-Home-Activities and other activities

Take-Home-Activities are little "missions" which are sent out every other week via the newsletter or via the kindergarten and which can be easily solved in daily life. They should give ideas for phyiscal activity and nutrition in an easy and enjoyable way. In the best case they are so much fun that every now and then these activities find their way into the family life. At the same time the topics are discussed at the kindergarten and should prepare the children for the activities.

Furthermore there are more activities which can be done jointly with the kindergarten. Depending on your talents and hobbies you are very welcome to participate in the kindergarten routine. Maybe this way the kindergarten gets a herbal snail or an introductory volleyball lesson? Of course SALTO also supports in this.

You and your child are enjoying the activities? Please let us know and send us a picture to office@salto-salzburg.at.

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