SALTO in the family

Children grow up in the world of adults and model themselves on grown ups. Thus it is particularly important to us that the families of the participating kindergartens are also on bord.

SALTO is interested in your challenges with healthy nutrition and physical activity and also knows about the obstacles in every day life. Therefore a parents speaker should build a bridge beween parents, kindergarten teachers and the SALTO team and has a say in choosing different offers. This could be a wokshop but also a coaching dedicated to a particular topic.

Additionally we offer „Take-Home-Activities", which should also give parents with less time the opportunity to participate with their child. 

Do you have questions regarding obesity, the project or physical activity and nutrition? Do not hesitate to contact our hotline: 0664-88663189.

Did you know...

...that "puppy fat" hardly ever disappears in time? Most of overweight children also become overweight adolescents and adults.

...many kindergartens already implement healthy nutrition and physical activity at their institution? Precisely because of this fact they are the ideal partners for SALTO.

...that children often model themselves on parents regarding nutritian and physical activity? This is why SALTO is also particularly adressing parents.

... that already every second to third child is overweight? Thus it is about time to counteract this trend with SALTO.